How All Hands Volunteers Spent 2010

This video is the annual report for the organization that I volunteered with for 5 months in Haiti earlier this year. Annual report sounds rather boring, but it’s a cool little roundup of the projects that All Hands Volunteers (formerly known as Hands On Disaster Response) worked on in 2010 and it’s really interesting. It’s a whopping 6 minutes of your life, but I think you’ll really be glad you watched it. To learn more about All Hands Volunteers please go to


2 thoughts on “How All Hands Volunteers Spent 2010”

    1. Cool, Kirsten! Yea, they are a fun group to work with for sure. I’d say the best part of AHV is that you’ll be directly involved with the community you’re helping. You’ll meet and work side by side with the people you’re there to help. Which is a huge deal when it comes to volunteering.

      Let me know if you ever have any questions or the such. Good luck!

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