Delta Airlines: Verdict

DeltaWell, now that I’m safely on the ground, I’d like to provide the opinion I mentioned in my previous post. The question was of course whether or not my full day of flying with Delta was going to be horrible or if they’d rally and improve my poor opinion of them as an airline. Obviously they didn’t drop me in the Atlantic, so I’m grateful for that.

The answer unfortunately is a bit of both good and bad. There is a decided difference between domestic Delta and trans-continental Delta.

Domestic Delta flights are a hot nightmare of poor quality and cash grabbing. Employees are unfortunate, service is poor, and the amenities are poor. At the domestic boarding gate the agent consistently provided garbled and incorrect info in her announcements. And when boarding she called for first class, and the first of the three zones, but then neglected to ever make another announcement. So the other two-thirds of the flight had to guess when they could board. When deplaning, the lady in front of me asked the attendant for clarification (because the baggage carousel announcement had been impossible to hear) and was told, “Oh, just follow the signs like everyone else!” Which was true, but still a bit rough. Anyway, there were plenty of gripes to be had with domestic Delta, which don’t all need to be itemized here. It was craptastic. I sure did enjoy the one little pouch of peanuts I received during my 6 hour domestic flight. Yum. Oh, and unlike previous Delta flights, this one actually had a TV screen! But! The shows were not free. I find it insulting to be charged a dollar for some crappy TV show on a flight. All in all, it was a tacky, annoying experience.

Trans-Atlantic Delta did a better job. Nothing amazing, but on par with other USA airlines operating international flights. The movies were complimentary, the staff had their act together, and the plane was fine. It certainly wasn’t up to the standards of the better airlines, but it was plenty good enough.

I’d certainly fly Delta on a Trans-Atlantic flight anytime, if the price was right. They’re good enough. I will however continue to do all I can to avoid domestic USA Delta.


// Shawn

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