Newfoundland, It’s For The Travellers, Not The Tourists

Give me exactly three minutes of your time and I can pretty much guarantee that Newfoundland will fly to the top of your “must see” destinations list. I know because three minutes is all it took for me to be convinced. I grew up in British Columbia, which for those of you not up on your Canadian geography is the opposite coast from Newfoundland, and I had no clue about the secrets they were hiding over there on the east coast.

I’ll take this claim one step further and officially predict that Newfoundland is going to become an increasingly popular global tourism destination over the next few years. You might as well start talking about it now so your water cooler buddies think you’re cutting edge. You’ll agree with me in the next three minutes, just you watch.

Ok, start your three minutes now, and hit play.

We regularly get a series of ads like this on TV here in Canada. I promise you they look so much better than these low quality youtube videos, but they’re all I can find online. Are those not some stunning places though? The amazing shoreline cliffs and wind blasted vistas absolutely make me want to go visit. Standing in those places, amongst such powerful surroundings must be quite literally, awesome.

Plus, how can you not appreciate a place that uses, “For the traveller, not the tourist” in their tourism ad?

There are several other videos in this series also if you’re curious to see more. Here are just a few. I recommend each and every one of them. Eric Harry composed the music in the videos, and it happens to be his youtube channel that has the best posting of the videos that I can find. So that’s why they start with, “the music I wrote for…” in the title.

This next one is especially nice at capturing that Newfie attitude.

Ok one last one about the vikings. It’s cute too because you can see Candice* as a wee lass.

Well, what did you think? Was I right? Are you going? Writing it down on your little list now? I totally told you so.


// shawn

* Yes, I’m lying, that isn’t actually Candice. You wouldn’t have known any better if I hadn’t confessed though!

ps: Whoever is responsible for not having these videos available online in HD should seriously be fed to the puffins.

pps: I need to hurry up and leave for Asia. I just posted about a place I bloody well want to go to. That’s not even a real thing posting wish list places like that. 3 weeks until I leave … hang in there.

4 thoughts on “Newfoundland, It’s For The Travellers, Not The Tourists”

  1. Candice has already convinced me Newfoundland is a place to visit and this just makes the point even more so.

    Those video clips are just awesome. I reckon everybody will be planning a trip after watching these.

  2. Shawn! I am both outraged and pleased. Outraged because I had planned on doing this EXACT same post, and pleased because my heart melts every time someone discovers Newfoundland. Ha!

    I’m a huge, huge, huge supporter of this campaign, it does NL such justification. Makes me question why I would ever consider leaving here. I love the videos because they capture the human spirit with the natural world so perfectly. But you really, really have to be here to experience it! Us Newfoundlanders are fiercely proud of our province.

    If you and Chris ever do make it, I vote a roadtrip out to Gros Morne! Can you believe I’ve never been?!

    Thanks for posting this, Shawn!
    .-= Candice´s last blog ..Alright, So There’s One Resort Vacation Drawback =-.

    1. Candice, you should still do your post. You have the first hand insider voice that would be more interesting. This list of videos is just a warm up to real NL insight :)

      And while you’re at it, call someone in the NL tourism office and ask where the online HD versions of these vids are. When they say there aren’t any inform them that they’re crippling the ability of independent travel media to promote their destination. Which is arguably their most effective direct to consumer medium.

      I’m planning on returning to Canada via the maritimes. Maybe pick up a used car and drive all over the damn place and work my way home to BC :)

  3. I’m convinced! My first trip to the East Coast was in 2008. Saw my bf (from NB) and drove around Nova Scotia and PEI. Really really wanted to see the rest, Newfoundland included.

    Someday. I’m going back to see my bf, so we’ll see… I’m adding your awesome sauce blog to my linkroll. :)

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