Postcards Are The New Black… Again. Get Some!

The original purpose of postcards has obviously been long since antiquated by Facebook, Skype, Foursquare and of course email. However, there’s definitely still plenty of great reasons to stick with this old traveling tradition. As a born again postcard sender, I’ve compiled a glorious list bemoaning the questionable benefits of sending and receiving postcards.

Without further text, here are the lists of reasons why postcards might still be cool. Conveniently divided up by senders and receivers. I’m fairly certain most governments don’t allow you to be both a postcard sender and receiver. Although, I think California might legalize it soon.

Why Sending Postcards Might Still Be Cool

  1. You can brag about your glorious travels with no fear of immediate repercussions. They don’t even have an “unfriend” button on postcards. Unfriend isn’t even a damn word anyways. I’m not bitter.
  2. You get to experience the joy of navigating the archaic postal system of backwater countries. Perhaps I should have made a “cons” list too.
  3. You’ll create the facade of being a thoughtful and considerate friend. It’s important not to write the same thing on every postcard you send someone in order for this to work.
  4. You can write embarrassing tidbits on the card about the recipients. You both know damn well that every postal worker along the route is reading it. Even cooler if the recipient lives in a small town, is paranoid, or their mom is a mail carrier.
  5. The pictures on the cards are generally better than anything you could ever take.
  6. Licking a stamp is just a 1/4 calorie. You could burn that off easily just by making that gross face everyone makes after ingesting a bunch of cheap stamp glue. Or perhaps even by googling pictures of Swedish princesses.
  7. Speaking of stamp glue, I bet glue breath kills 99.9% of germs that cause gingivitis. Plus 100% of chances that anyone would want to have a conversation with you.
  8. You’ll look like Hemingway as you sit in that little cafe scribbling thoughtfully over your postcards. Seriously.
  9. Chicks dig stamps. I’m lying, but I so desperately needed more items on this list.

Why Receiving Postcards Might Still Be Cool

  1. If the sender decides to later murder you, the investigators can perhaps harvest their DNA from the licked stamp. If you find this plausible you need to watch less crime TV dramas.
  2. You can’t flaunt a Facebook status update around the office. Or stick a Skype call on your fridge.
  3. You finally have a use for all those fridge magnets you’ve so naively collected (see #2 above).
  4. That fleeting moment when you realize your mailbox contains something other than grocery fliers and cable bills just might save you some money on anti-depressants. Realistically, I doubt it though.
  5. You can use it as a drink coaster. Jokes on you when the ink from that cheapo Dollywood postcard runs and ruins your crappy coffee table.
  6. You might just have a tangible memory shared between you and a real friend. Might.

So that about sums it up. I’m mostly certain that you are now the hugest fan of postcards ever. And that as a born again postcarder you’re super desperate to get some of these puppies* in the mail.


// shawn

* Not literally puppies. It turns out most postal systems have fairly stringent rules in place regarding what you can tape to a postcard.

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