Upcoming Trip: South Africa!

saflagI was just sitting here relishing the joy of having an exciting trip coming up, when I figured I may as well type about it. In one month I’m headed to South Africa! I’ll be there for the entire month of March. This is the most exciting destination for me yet. Such a diverse, unique, and fascinating place! And so very picturesque. It’s going to be great! I’ve been curious about South Africa as long as I can remember. And I’ll be packing lighter than ever so I can fill my pack with vuvuzelas, of course.

I’m over budget for this trip before I even leave. So I’ll be playing my wallet very close to my chest the entire time. Which I don’t think is going to impede my enjoyment one bit. I hope to break from my usual routine though and actually do some posts about my trip. I’m horrible at that.

Ek tel die dae!


// Shawn

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