FYI all you PG&E customers

pge.jpgIf you’re a PG&E (pacific gas & electric) customer, there are several easy options they provide you to green it up some. Assuming you don’t already.

ClimateSmart, a program to generate carbon neutral power is coming soon. For approx $4 more a month you can offset your energy use and contribute to the growth of clean energy. There’s just no good reason not to sign up for this! The program starts this spring, check it out here:¬†

PG&E is also sponsoring an Earth Day event to clean up state parks. Sign up to volunteer at a park near you:

In the account management  section of their site you can sign up for paperless billing. You can also use a heap of analysis reports to learn about your energy use. Not to mention the myriad of energy saving tips and junk they have.

Past power companies I have had did sweet bugger all to provide any energy savings or environmental programs. So I guess I should consider myself lucky.

– shawn

[source: pg&e]