Delta Airlines: Verdict

DeltaWell, now that I’m safely on the ground, I’d like to provide the opinion I mentioned in my previous post. The question was of course whether or not my full day of flying with Delta was going to be horrible or if they’d rally and improve my poor opinion of them as an airline. Obviously they didn’t drop me in the Atlantic, so I’m grateful for that.

The answer unfortunately is a bit of both good and bad. There is a decided difference between domestic Delta and trans-continental Delta.

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Delta Airlines: Day of Reckoning?

In a few hours I have a full day (24 hours) worth of flights on Delta Airlines. In the past I’ve had very lame experiences on Delta. Which  have secured their status of being tied as my least favourite airline. Alongside US Airways. I’m sort of looking forward to this tie breaker round though. My expectations are rock bottom, so it’s only up from here. Ugh, I sure hope it can only be up from here. I have a low opinion of USA based airlines anyway. With their ghetto amenities and cattle car ambiance.

So come on, Delta, let’s rally the troops and pleasantly surprise a bitter old man who has been forced to fly through the USA. I believe in you! Sort of.


// Shawn

ps: In a month I again have to spend a full 24 hours on Delta, so really there will be two shots at redemption.

A Dozen Reasons Why I Prefer Air Canada

There’s probably no shortage of swanky lists that rate and rank the various airlines of the world. I don’t check any ranking lists though when I book my flights. I just search up what I need on Kayak and go with what looks best. However, after so many years of flying in and around Canada, I have come to strongly prefer Air Canada. They’re not perfect, don’t get me wrong, but I think they’re better than most. I’ll even pay a little extra to fly on Air Canada, and I have a dozen reasons why. In no particular order, the dozen reasons why I prefer Air Canada are… Continue reading “A Dozen Reasons Why I Prefer Air Canada”