Can A Tablet Replace Travel Guide Books?

Were I looking to replace heavy old guide books, what would I use? For anyone traveling beyond a single region, guide books can be a very real problem. They’re expensive and heavy, plus if you’re any fun at all your plans may change. Who wants to spontaneously end up in Cuba with a kilo of Japan guide books? Not this gaijin. Which leads us to the question — what is the best option for replacing heavy old guide books with nimble digital info? If you have specialized needs, then this question may not be relevant, but for the average sucker out on the road with a backpack that is already too heavy, can you save some weight and drama by instead using a tablet? Continue reading “Can A Tablet Replace Travel Guide Books?”

Can A Kindle Replace Travel Guide Books? Part 2 of 2

KindleIt’s time for part 2 of my look at whether a Kindle can replace travel guide books or not. Part 1 from December ’09 is here. I’ve received some excellent questions, plus there are some really interesting feature improvements in the past year. We also need to consider new readers, technology and options on the market now. My choice for a guide book replacement today is much different than what I would have chose a year ago, and may not be at all what you expect. Let’s take a look at how the Kindle worked, and what I would choose to replace good old guide books today. With the Google eBookstore on the market our choices look much different now. Continue reading “Can A Kindle Replace Travel Guide Books? Part 2 of 2”