Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

cape.point.thumbEasily one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been in the world is the Cape Point National Park in South Africa. Which of course encompasses the Cape of Good Hope.

It was an amazing experience to be standing on the very same rocky promontory I’ve heard about all my life. One can’t make it very far in any history lesson or tale of the high seas without imagining how it must have been to round the Cape. Our world’s history changed forever as¬†Bartolomeu Dias first accidentally sailed around the Cape in 1488. Continue reading “Cape of Good Hope, South Africa”

Mongena Game Lodge, South Africa

Less than 2 hours after landing in Johannesburg, we were already spotting cool wildlife. Which is certainly sooner than I’d expected. Motivated by an enticing coupon, we’d opted to make Mongena Game Lodge our first stop in South Africa. I personally had never been anywhere in Africa before, so I was very excited to see some of the iconic wildlife.

Mongena is a very simple drive from the Johannesburg airport. 80-something km in a simple straight shot. In no time at all, we were inside the Dinokeng Game Reserve, and checking in. Continue reading “Mongena Game Lodge, South Africa”

Bush planning to cut Endangered Species Act, again.

Back in 2004 the Bush administration trimmed back the Endangered Species Act. Presuming that no one will remember that they already screwed with this once, they are chopping it again.

Fish and Wildlife Service Director H. Dale Hall is not releasing the current proposed version of the changes. However the previously leaked version showed that it held true to the Republican agenda of faster and easier approvals for dams, housing developments, highways and other projects where protected species live.¬† Continue reading “Bush planning to cut Endangered Species Act, again.”