Look At This Boat!

One of the most time consuming habits I have is standing around day dreaming about things I see. The most random things can set me off on an internal litany of pretend conversations and scenarios. I blame it on being an only child. Or perhaps it was that skateboarding head injury mishap in ’88. Either way, my point here is that my day dreaming has to work overtime when I’m traveling. So many new things to imagine. For kicks I thought I would share one of the things I saw here in Victoria that got my imagination going.

We had walked past countless sailboats and it was just another morning in the harbour. All the proverbial chat topics were going on, “ohh that one is pretty” and “I could sail around the world on that baby”, and so on. Then amongst all the fancy boats this little beauty suddenly caught my eye and ignited my day dreaming muscles. Continue reading “Look At This Boat!”

The Vancouver to Victoria Ferry Photography Experiment

In order to get on to Vancouver Island from the mainland of British Columbia you pretty much have two choices: plane or ferry. My favourite is definitely the ferry. The BC Ferries are remarkable in that they can carry 1650 passengers, and up to 370 vehicles between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island. They’re the largest double ended ferries in the world. Plus they serve a damn tasty veggie burger on board. The most common route is from just outside Vancouver over to the capitol of British Columbia, which is Victoria. It’s an hour and a half voyage which winds through several small islands in the Pacific Ocean and is really quite scenic.

The sore point for me is watching this great scenery sail past while I have no photography skills at all. So a few days ago, I stood on the deck of the seventh floor, right up at the bow and tried my best to get a good photo. With it being a chilly February afternoon, high up on the bow of a fast moving ship, it wasn’t exactly crowded. I have a very tough time taking photos; I don’t feel comfortable taking them, plus I don’t have much of an eye for it. So excuses aside, here are a few that I got which seem fairly nice to me. Let me know what you think! Continue reading “The Vancouver to Victoria Ferry Photography Experiment”