2007 Quality of living index

If you’re Swiss, Canadian or from New Zealand (yea, I didn’t know if the correct term was New Zealander) you should be proud. Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Vancouver, and Auckland remain the top scoring cities on the Quality of Living index. I love these kind of comparative lists. The top 5 are:

  1. Zurich, Switzerland : 108.1
  2. Geneva, Switzerland : 108.0
  3. Vancouver, Canada : 107.7
  4. Vienna, Austria : 107.7
  5. Auckland, New Zealand : 107.3

In the age old comparison game of Canada and the USA, Canada wins. Every rated Canadian city scored higher than even the best USA city. Check out the whole shebang and see where your city scores.

– shawn

[source: mercer hr qol index]