NY Times editors might go to hell for this one

bush-god.jpgToday the NY Times published a very good list that they call the “Must-Do List”. The list is of things that need to be done to reverse the unwise and lawless policies of Bush and Cheney. Regardless of your political affiliation it is an important list to read. Not just because it is the current trend to hate on the Bush administration, but because it’s important to see some of the ways our rights have been derailed in the past 5 years. Every American should read the list regardless of their opinions on each item.  Continue reading “NY Times editors might go to hell for this one”

Exxon now hiring naysayers, apply within!

As we all know, the IPCC report is out and it states just how jacked up the climate is. All the analysis of the report seems to confirm that the 2500+ experts, 800 contributing authors and 450 lead authors from 130 countries do in fact have a clue.  Continue reading “Exxon now hiring naysayers, apply within!”