The Driskill Hotel, Austin: Haunted or Not?

For several years I’ve been wanting to stay at the Driskill Hotel. Not only is it a beautiful hotel, but it’s also buried in heaps of spooky history. Of all the web sites that talk about how crazy haunted the Driskill is, no one site seems to have all the ghost stories. So if you really want to read them all you’d better get googling. [Edit: The following death accounts were told to me by taxi drivers and folks around town, plus a couple web sites. For a less fantastical and more accurate summary scroll down to Monica’s comment below. Thanks, carry on] There’s the owner who hung himself after losing the hotel in a poker game, the two little girls who committed suicide after being abandoned there, plus a weird history of women killing themselves in the same bathroom. Anyways, when I was passing through Austin this week I went for the chance to spend 3 nights at the storied Driskill.

Well, is the Driskill haunted? Or for that matter, was it even a nice place to stay? Continue reading “The Driskill Hotel, Austin: Haunted or Not?”