A montage for the Israeli girls

Just some interesting tidbits to get you through recess today.

  • Israeli women with assault rifles buying some ice cream makes for a surreal image. It’s tough to wrap my mind around the differences in that society or to imagine growing up there.
  • Don’t forget to buy your Harry Potter books from a Canadian retailer such as amazon.ca. When Rowling asked her publishers to please use 100% recycled paper (like Raincoast in Canada has been doing already) Scholastic, the USA publisher, told her to suck it. Buy your copy from Canada so you get the Raincoast version instead of the Scholastic version. Plus the Canadian version is not dumbed down like the American version is.
  • Speaking of reading, how about receiving one tiny snippet of a book in your email each day? Kind of an intriguing idea really. Check it out at dailylit.com.
  • I’ve been meaning to get around to a robust look at Nestle and the myriad of ways they are bastards. Until I do, you can get a head start at their page on McSpotlight.

Okay, I have to get back to giving all my shit away so I can start living. Have a nice day!

– shawn