Can a Kindle Replace Travel Guide Books? Part 1 of 2

kindleWhile gathering up my travel gear for my upcoming trip I quickly realized that I had a logistics issue. You see, I like to have a guide book on hand for each country I visit. I don’t cling to them for direction, but they can be handy for general referrals and seeing what else there is to do in an area. In some cases you can cover a region with one good Lonely Planet, but not always. My trip will hopefully encompass a lot of regions and countries. Also, to add to the issue, I don’t really know ahead of time which regions or countries I will go to. So this gives me the following problems:

1. I can’t pre-purchase guide books without knowing where I’m going exactly.
2. I don’t want to carry all those guide books even if I found a way to buy them.
3. I can’t reliably rely on the internet for looking things up while on the road.
4. I can’t reliably purchase my next destination’s guidebook in my current destination.

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