Knowing is half the battle: Biodiesel

diesel.jpgClayton over at Green Options has written a great FAQ style article on Biodiesel. Turns out this is a very accessible fuel for anyone, not just fanatics. If you own a diesel vehicle or might be in the market for a car soon, check it out. It’s also a good link for anyone who wants to get up to speed on one of our fossil fuel solutions.

For myself I get a little more excited about newer technologies such as electric cars. However, biodiesel is something you can do right now with little or no investment. I wonder if there are diesel hybrids out there, I don’t recall seeing one ever.

– shawn

[source: green options]

Ethanol for dummies

ethanol.gifSome folks love ethanol and champion it as the solution to all our oil and climate issues. However this is completely not the case. Rather than list off a myriad of stats on the topic I’m just going to post this illustration.

I don’t know Andy Singer or if there is a link I can put for credit, but he does a great job of explaining ethanol.

– shawn

Bottled water is a bitch!

Over at Triple Pundit they have this guy, Pablo, who is a sustainability engineer. Pablo has a regular column, “Ask Pablo” where he takes submitted questions about every day items and calculates out their true cost or impact. His articles are fantastic at showing the full picture of items, he really is brilliant. Anyways, this weeks article was about the true impact of bottled water and it was stunning.  Continue reading “Bottled water is a bitch!”