People are back in style is a really intriguing site and I thought I would spend a minute to spread the word a bit. Could we be due up for a decorporatization (I made that up) phase in our society? Where web tools are approachable enough to allow us to handle things such as personal loans on a personal and social level? Is this hybrid of personal and global an empowering new thing we might successfully pull off in situations like this? I’m going with a strong “maybe” here, but it’s interesting.

I do enjoy seeing how people try and use appealing photos to get loans. Were I looking for a good loan rate on here my photo would make me look a lot more like a trustworthy yet beautiful young woman.

– shawn

[source: prosper]

Vive Le Résistance!

I wasn’t really certain what to think when I first saw the These Come from Trees site. In one run-on sentence the premise is: A sticker placed at points of paper consumption, such as a paper towel dispenser in a public restroom, may reduce consumption by ~15%.

It may be that I like the new redesigned stickers better, or that I got some rebel spirit in my Peanut Butter Panda Puffs this morning, I can’t be sure which. Either way I wanted to mention this good natured subversive campaign. So buy some stickers and join Le Résistance! There will be punch and pie at the secret Le Résistance meeting, see you there.

– shawn

[source: these come from trees]