A montage for the kids

Nothing is coming to mind as worth writing a post about, but there are several interesting little things floating around. So I thought instead of no update I would toss together these links.

  • Gavin Newsom sets an example: Newsom has issued an executive order banning San Francisco city departments from buying bottled water, even for water coolers. The move was billed as a way to help stem global warming and save taxpayer money. [cnn]
  • Cheney is evil: It always surprises me when Rolling Stone shows actual journalism skills. They recently ran a really interesting piece called, The Secret Campaign of President Bush’s Administration To Deny Global Warming. [rolling stone]
  • Helping Hands: Did you know that there is a group that trains monkeys to help the disabled?! I sure didn’t, but it’s really pretty interesting. I worry about whether it is the best thing for the monkeys, but it seems to be well done. Reader’s Digest did a nice story on one guys situation and the monkey that helps him out. Definitely worth a read: [readers digest]
  • Every 9.62 days, there is an equivalent amount of casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan as September 11th. Nevermind the fact that Iraq had sweet nada to do with 9/11. [prose before hos]

Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2007

Project Censored has published their top 25 censored stories of 2007. I’m not sure why it isn’t called the top 25 of 2006, but it’s not my list. Anyways, these are the stories the major media news companies downplayed or outright ignored. The full list with summaries is here: http://www.projectcensored.org/censored_2007/index.htm. Recommended reading unless oblivious was a new years resolution for you. Continue reading “Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2007”