Stuff I Learned Whilst Putzing Around The USA For A Month

feat-usaA couple years ago I had a great little road trip around the USA. Nothing epic, but we started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after flying in from Haiti. I then puttered my way around: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri (just St Louis), and finished in Illinois. I then later on hopped over to New York, New Jersey, and that one that starts with P that I always think is Philadelphia, but is actually Pennsylvania.

I had at the time considered trying to write up some nice play-by-play of the places I experienced, so I’d made some notes on my thoughts at the time. I left those notes untouched for a couple years. Then this morning I came across them and was about to delete them when I instead decided to put them up here. For posteriors, or the kiddies, or what have you. Sorry about all of this, but I love lists more than I love quality writing.

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