Review: Travel Blog Success

There was no shortage of decisions to be made when I decided to make my lifestyle change to become a professional hang-about. Most of those decisions answered themselves or were handled quietly. However, my decision on whether or not to do a travel blog was rather drawn out, and also unusually public. From that discussion on BootsnAll, I came to the point of liking the blog idea as a personal trip record and kind of fun thing to do. I also noticed that a strong travel blog was used by everyone that was turning travel writing into a career of sorts. Whether that’s blogging or freelance writing, or whatever. It was a cool idea to have a strong, successful travel blog, but slaving over search engine optimizations (SEO) and networking sounded like something I wanted no part of. I wasn’t making travel my life focus so that I could grind through a Google Analytics menu all friggin’ day.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to preview the Travel Blog Success (TBS) site. I can readily say that I learned quite a bit about travel blogging there. It’s made starting this blog much easier and quite a bit more rewarding. TBS is a good deal for a certain type of travel blogger. And possibly not as much for others. Instead of just generally recommending the site to everyone I would like to try and clarify who will really get the most benefit.

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