barcaDear future Barcelona visitor person. I have some unsolicited advice for you. No, not how to save 10% on your car rental (why would you rent a car in Barcelona?). Nor is it how to find the sangria with the most cherries in. This advice is for your feelings and stuff.

Barcelona is not your typical tourist destination. There’s a certain something going on underneath the surface there. Consider it my self appointed community service to give you the heads up. For your own good, of course.

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Remembering Your Travel Heart and Brain

I suspect we’re all similar in that we have a significantly different frame of mind while travelling than we do while at home. Life on the road takes on a semi-charmed luster that makes anything and everything just that much better. For example, kids laughing in a park in a foreign city are adorable. A charming testament to the sweetness of youth and innocence. Kids in your hometown park are shrieking cretins. And where are their parents? There could be broken glass or snakes in that sandbox, ugh! Continue reading “Remembering Your Travel Heart and Brain”