Solving My Personal Linguistic Dilemma

BalboaSince pretty much forever I’ve been learning French. Not full time or anything, but its been an ongoing subtle effort. Being Canadian means I got plenty of it in school. Plus I’ve taken classes and tried myriad online learning sites. I think it’s a lovely language, and I really like it a lot. How good am I at it though? Pretty damn sucky. So sucky that I don’t even know how to say, “pretty damn sucky” in French. Fast forward to October 2010, inside a burger joint in Oxford. My dining companion, who is a ridiculous super-genius, broaches the subject of which language she should learn next. You know, after having mastered 44* other ones or whatever. This is naturally a traumatizing conversation for those of us who don’t even feel like we’re good at our native language yet. Fast forward to this morning, I don’t know the date. You can look at your calendar though. I was considering this language dilemma, while murdering a bowl of Corn Pops, and started building this comparison in my wee mind. So the following is my logic on where I should focus the full glorious power of my futile linguistic learning cannon. Continue reading “Solving My Personal Linguistic Dilemma”