Smart people eat better than dumb people

In a strange news coincidence I came across these 2 items almost simultaneously. They are related in my mind.

Firstly, the BMJ Group researchers have found that higher scores for IQ in childhood are associated with an increased likelihood of being a vegetarian as an adult [source].

The counterpoint to this (aka coincidence) is that New Jersey had to issue this warning:

Don’t eat too much squirrel from the woods near Ford’s toxic waste dumps in Upper Ringwood.

There really isn’t anything left to say that the warning doesn’t cover. I would have worded it somewhat differently though. Maybe more along the lines of, “Hello Jackasses! Free buffet weekend at the toxic waste dump! All you can eat paint and mystery foam!” [source]

Ed Markowski, president of the state Federation of Sportsmen’s Club, was confident that small-game hunters would soon learn of the advisory: “Word-of-mouth works really well among hunters.”

Toxic squirrel eaters can’t read, Ed!