Why I Won’t Go To China (AKA Scapegoat Ethics)

China and I are not cool. Or more accurately, China is the current scapegoat for my travel conscience. I firmly believe that how I spend my money needs to try and match my ethical standards. Really, the only feedback you have into products or places is your money. No corporation or government goes on to Facebook and randomly checks how many members the anti-whoever groups have. Why would they care? The only statistic they want or need to know is money. All of the rhetoric and slogans in the world are barely a murmur compared to the sound of cash. So when you choose to travel to a country, you contribute your money to their community and government, and in turn you’re endorsing them and their policies. That is why I will not visit China — I strongly disagree with the Chinese government’s policies and tactics and will not support them with my hard earned money. Things are always a bit more complicated though, aren’t they? Continue reading “Why I Won’t Go To China (AKA Scapegoat Ethics)”