Dearest Shawn

Dearest Shawn

Hey buddy, how’s it hanging? You remember how kids in elementary school would write letters to themselves then open them a year later? Yea, haha, you remember how our letter was just a picture of Skeletor with, “Keep it real, baby” written on it? Anyways, this is one of those letters. I’m dropping a reminder in our calendar for a year from now to come back to this and see how absurd this sounds. So, what’s on my mind today that I think will matter in a year? Let’s get this embarrassing party started.

It’s the first day of 2010, and I guess if I read this again in a year, it’ll be 2011. Good job on staying alive all these years. I totally knew those Flintstones vitamins were a good idea. So I think the obvious topic in the forefront of my mind is how will this whole travel plan work out. Was it actually a good idea to drop our sweet career like a “6” girlfriend with tourettes? Will it be worth it to backpack around, see stuff, try things, and generally explore what the world has to offer? I mean really worth it? Worth the insecurity of no income, and worth all the sacrifices? Does this end up setting my life back by a year, or more, or is it my life? I can’t even make an educated guess where I might be in a year. I’m worried I have too much tech stuff packed – did it end up being too much? Do I go broke and starve in less than a year?

Hey, so how does that Iran scene play out? Quite a mess there right now. Oh and what happens in Glee? Is the google phone as awesome as I hope it is? Did the Canucks win the Stanley Cup (Although I secretly predict Chicago to win)? Are we still thinking of moving back home to the Victoria/Vancouver area and settling down (sort of) in a few years?

Alright chief, I’ve got to catch this flight to Austin. Peas.

// shawn