A sweepstake that stays crunchy and green in milk

This morning while slaving over a hot cereal bowl to prepare my Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, I noticed that my soy milk had a green cap. Apparently it is a green cap for green energy. Not directly seeing how the cap color was energy I read the box. It seems that Silk soy milk has a sweepstake running that is not like any I have seen before. Simply put, you go to their site, enter the UPC from your green capped carton of soy milk and they increase their green energy contribution by 30 kWt hours – enough to power an average home for a day. Additionally it looks like some energy efficient appliances can be won. Not bad for milk.

So when selecting which soy milk to use when making organic cupcakes for your local Exxon demonstration, be sure to put Silk soy milk in your organic hemp shopping tote.

– shawn

[source: silk]