Interview With Abby Tegnelia: Writer, Traveler, and Jungle Princess

We’ve all read heaps of articles on how dreamy it is to work while traveling or from some remote beach bungalow. Whether it’s blogging, freelance writing, or some online entrepreneurial scheme, the articles make the idea sound as simple as falling out of bed. However, I personally have a tough time falling out of my bed, and so I got to wondering about the realities of these ideas. How many of those “work remotely from the beach” articles were actually written remotely anyways? I can’t completely buy into an idea until I personally talk to some folks who have actual hands on experience.

Along comes Abby. Working as a writer from Costa Rica, Abby Tegnelia knows all about drowning deadline worries with a margarita and getting sun tan lotion on your keyboard. Fortunately for me — and I suppose by association, you too — Abby was willing to answer some questions about her experience. Read on to learn about a really cool woman, doing interesting work, from a pretty damn nice location. Continue reading “Interview With Abby Tegnelia: Writer, Traveler, and Jungle Princess”